The President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović met today the representatives of national organizations of persons with disabilities: Fadil Mučić from Union of the Blind of Montenegro, Filip Rajković from Association of Paraplegics of Montenegro, Milisav Korać from Association of Parents of Children and Youth with Disabilities and Darko Mijušković from Union of Organizations of the Deaf and Hard Hearing People of Montenegro.


President Vujanović expressed his appreciation and support for 3 December, the date proclaimed the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by the decision of the United Nations.


The members of delegation explained to President Vujanović that this day in Montenegro is characterized by a series of events that present the capabilities and achievements of the population to the general public, while highlighting the complexity and difficulties encountered during the realization of the program activities of the associations and in individual life and work.


They also apprised President of their international activities and expressed the need for improvement and more efficient implementation of relevant legislation concerning better and more comprehensive realization of the needs of this population.


President Vujanović expressed strong support for all activities of the associations, stressing the belief that the community will do everything to make more intense responses to the objective needs of persons with disabilities. President Vujanović pointed out that the duty of society is to exclude any form of discrimination and prejudice, and underlined that persons with disabilities must be treated as an integral part of society, and so allowing them to have an independent life and work.    


He also pointed out that they should not be on the margin, and that the state must constantly improve the legal and political framework for the improvement of the position of persons with disabilities in society.  


On this occasion, President of the Union of Organizations of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Montenegro, Darko Mijušković, presented the Charter to President Vujanović for the outstanding contribution to the development and improvement of the Union of Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Montenegro.



02 December 2011 / Source: President



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