Berane - Workshop as a part of project:  "With legal support towards better exercise of the rights of children and youth with disabilities"

Workshop for parents of children and youth with disabilities was held in JU Day Care Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities Berane. The workshop was organized by NGO Union of Associations of Parents of Children and Youth with Disabilities "Our Initiative" Podgorica.


Deputy President of the municipality Zoran Marsenić, PhD, welcomed the organizers of the workshop with words: "Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing" and expressed his satisfaction with this meeting. He also expressed the view that these educational workshops are useful thing, especially for parents, and he encouraged them to take advantage of the presence of representatives of the biggest Union of this kind in Montenegro in order to express their needs and share problems they face every day. He stressed that the local government will continue to support actions aimed at improving the status of children and youth with disabilities in society.


Milisav Korać, executive director of the NGO "Our Initiative", praised the cooperation achieved with the municipality of Berane and Day Care Centre. He pointed out that the maintenance of these workshops provides the opportunity for parents of these vulnerable population to become more familiar with the rights that can be exercised, improve their position in society through this Union, with the support of Line Ministry and local governments.



Beside parents, representatives of the NGO Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities "Step of Hope" and "Better Future", employees from Day Care Centre and health workers have also participated.  

Berane - radionica kao dio projekta,, Uz pravnu podršku do kvalitetnijeg ostvarenja prava djece i mladih sa smetnjama u razvoju”

Thursday, 28 May 2015



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